Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ear Infections

Its been a while...

My life has been consumed with ear infections and throw up.

My poor little Maci has been very very sick since December. It kills me that I can't make her better. She has been on so many antibiotics, that they have killed ALL bacteria in her little tummy to where she can't hold down food. Vomit is a part of our daily lives now. I think the dogs and cats love it...they clean it up for me! Sick...I know but hey they love it I hate's all good.

Yesterday she finally went 24 hours with ZERO throw up. I was happy, Jake was happy, Kenzie was happy...the fluffy four legged loves not so much! When I picked her up from day care, her teachers did a happy no vomit dance with me. It was a good day.

This morning, green eyes and pulling on ears...hello ear infection.

She is scheduled for surgery on April 4th. That's an entire month away. At this point, I do not want to do another round of antibiotics, her poor little tummy can't handle them. I am not one to put the chiropractors word above our pediatrician (who I love so much, she seriously is amazing) but at this point my tubby little baby is wasting away.

Chiropractor vs Pediatrician....round one...whose gonna win?

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